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October 4, 2011

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The Rise of Lidia Bastianich's Italian Food Empire
August 26, 2011

All The Best was host to Lidia Bastianich while she was in Toronto to launch her new line of Bastianich wines, and Lidia’s pasta and sauces!

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All the Best Recipes

August 31, 2008

All the Best Recipes, our Founder Jane Rodmell's seventh cookbook, is now available across North America! The book is a collection of 300 of your favourite recipes from the last 25 years. (We celebrated our 25th Anniversary on September 4th, 2009.)
Published by Robert Rose Inc.
Retail price: $27.95

The Globe & Mail

You threw that party months ago, but everyone who came still can't stop talking about the Best Snack Ever.

Until recently, however, those flavoured cheesestraws by All the Best Fine Foods used to be only available in midtown Toronto. So, delicious as they may be - they're made from local Ontario butter and cheeses - the snack sticks have made every party you've thrown since a letdown.

Fret no more, fair host or hostess. The gourmet retailer has finally recognized the insatiable demand for one of its bestsellers and is ramping up production. No less than eight people will be devoted to full-time cheesestraw-making, making it possible to sell the beloved snacks through its wholesale operation.

They've even found time to create two new flavours: Herb Chevre and Walnut and Lemon Cracked Pepper Reggiano, which adds a little kick to every bite.

 The packages retail for $7.95 each. For additional information, visit All The Best Fine Foods on 1101 Yonge St. 416-928-3330 or check out the web page, allthebestfinefoods.com.


The Toronto Star

It's all good at the All The Best Fine Foods, where the well-known retail gourmet food stores, established in 1984 in a century-old building on the edge of Rosedale (with a 4,000 sq. ft. production kitchen located in Leaside), are currently being restored to their former beauty. The fine foods purveyor has now extended its products reach into wholesale, starting with its well-known Cheesestraws, available now throughout Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes.

With a new branded, packaged look and flavours, All the Best Fine Foods Cheesestraws are being sold by other retailers, as well as at the iconic food emporium. Along with the famous Sesame and Cheddar, other flavours include herb chevre & walnut cheesestraws and lemon cracked pepper reggiano cheesestraws.


Vikram Vij teams up with All the Best!
Gremolata Test Kitchen Report # 2 - Vij's Take Home Curries

gremolata.com April, 2009

When we were told that Vij’s Restaurant, the famous purveyor of fine Indian cuisine in Vancouver, had decided to produce a series of cook at home meals for the Canadian market, we rolled our eyes. After all, we have seen this many times before and to be honest, very few attempts by chefs to recreate a delicious dish in the comfort of one’s home, especially when it comes to Indian cuisine, pan out. So we headed out to All The Best Fine Foods in Toronto for some of these reportedly amazing Indian cook at home dishes. And we have to admit, we have egg on our face.

We tested five different dishes, all of which are packaged in a silver boilable bag. We opted for the boil in bag cooking instructions. First off, we loved the fact that all five bags had the same instructions and time for cooking. Essentially, you can cook all of the dishes at once. Great for clean up. You remove the labels from each bag and half-fill a medium sized pot with water and bring to a boil. You then submerge the unopened bags, cover the pot, and let boil for 20 minutes if they have been refrigerated and 25 minutes if frozen. After the allotted time, you carefully remove the bags, open them, and serve in your desired serving dishes. For the ease of preparation, we give them top marks. But how do they taste?

Bag #1 - Spicy Chopped Kale and Potatoes
This one was OK, but not our favorite. The Kale was less than stellar and perhaps not the best to be served in a boil in bag format. This may have been better if we had thawed it and then heated it up in a saucepan. Or perhaps baked in a dish. It is a combination of kale, tomato, water, potatos, canola oil, salt, and spices. It was tasty, but compared to the others, not our favorite. But again, still pretty authentic given it was boiled in a bag.

Bag #2 - Saag and Paneer
This is always a tough one. We have some pretty great Saag Panner spots in Toronto and this is a tough dish to throw onto our judges in the test kitchen. But this one did pass with flying colors. For a dish that was boiled in a bag for 25 minutes, it could have easily passed for fresh from our local Indian take-out, certainly not frozen. We gave this one top marks!

Bag #3 - Punjabi Daal
Personally, we never understood Daal mostly because it is too runny and this one is certainly runny. However, it is also incredibly flavorful and we thoroughly enjoyed it versus other Daals we have tried. But given its liquid nature, it quickly spread all over the place when plated. Which makes us think that this would be better served in a bowl for guests as an appetizer. Perhaps with some pieces of Naan bread for dipping. In this format, you would be looking at a great summer patio appetizer everyone will want to get their hands on.

Bag #4 - Curried Chickpeas
It is amazing how this dish got so warm from 25 minutes of boiling and remained very hot for a good 30 minutes after cooking. Great heat retention and incredibly tasty. The chickpeas are just the right density and the curry sauce is flavorful without being too hot. This one was a big hit for us!

Bag #5 - Coconut and Ginger Beans
Finally, the beans. We had very low expectations for these green beans and boy were we surprised. We had expected a soggy mush but were pleasantly surprised when they showed up crisp and flavorful. This would make a great side dish to any meal and could certainly be used to spice up a bland chicken breast or something barbequed. Simply boil for 25 minutes and voila, a perfect side green.

And so, overall, we would say yes to Vij’s take-away cook at home meals. The key benefit here is the fact that they are easy to prepare. However, we see them as more of a side dish to spice up your dinners as opposed to a solution for creating an Indian feast at home. We could see these being a great side dish rotation this summer with grilled tandoori chicken or spicy shrimps on the barbeque! Another perk, they are 100% vegetarian. Way to go Vij!

Available in Toronto (at the moment) ONLY at All the Best Fine Foods. Cheaper than a trip to Vancouver!


 North Toronto Post, December 2008


Valerie Pringle said:


I buy their David's multigrain bread and don't eat any other kind ever. Their chocolate cake is perfect and I buy their Christmas cookies for an annual party.



Renovating Rosedale

Zosia Bielski, National Post
Published: Saturday, April 12, 2008

When the moving signs went up in the windows at All The Best Fine Foods in Rosedale this month, it is safe to say the shop's customers freaked out.

"It caused immediate widespread panic and stir," laughs chief operating officer Susan Bowman last week...

Working alongside Mr. Oberman's designer, All The Best staff spent two years planning the new space. They are now working to move the cheese shop into the pavilion so it can be restored. "We're really excited. I can't wait to get it done, now that it's scheduled," Ms. Bowman says....

She admits that the three quaint doors that used to lead customers into All The Best's bakery, cheese shop and gift shop will disappear, but says that the store will retain much of its old-world charm.

" It's going to be all brand new but it will still have a classic All The Best feel to it, a classic arts and crafts look. Tin ceilings, wood floor, subway tile walls, the entry way will be a mosaic, all the cabinetry and fridges will be trimmed in wood. It's going to be spectacular."

Gina Mallet: A bloody good blood orange loaf
Posted: April 15, 2008, 2:30 PM by NP Editor
Gina Mallet

Gina Mallet checks in with a recent find:
All the Best's Blood Orange Loaf, $5.50

Pound cake tinged with blood and a lovely transparently pink glaze. Get it before the blood oranges go.